Plan Adelanto will be the 1st property developed by the Inland Equity Community Land Trust. It is a 20 acre lot in San Bernardino county. Phase One of the plan is to build four homes for low income residents of the county. Phase Two will be to split the property under California’s SB 9 rules and build four more homes. 





This is the county that the land is located in. It is right outside the city of Adelanto on county owned land. 

Total area: 904,485.03 ft² located near Adelanto High School. 

This is the section of land planned for the first four homes. 

Floor plan for a rammed earth 2200 sq ft home. (1 on property) 


Floor plan for a 1100 sq ft rammed earth home. (3 on property)

9595 Mojave Drive

The Potala Palace, winter palace of the Dalai Lama, a rammed earth complex established in 7th century 

Rammed Earth Walls

Vision and Statement

Inland Equity Community Land Trust is dedicated to the social and charitable development and preservation of high-quality, affordable and environmentally sustainable housing so people can thrive in the community where they live and work. We will use a community land trust as a tool to provide housing for people who fall under the HUD’s definition of “housing cost burdened.” 

We are building these homes to help create affordable housing for cost burdened families so they can have a place to live. HUD defines cost-burdened families as “those who pay 30% or more of their income on housing” and “may have difficulty affording necessities such as food, clothing, transportation, and medical care.” Severe rent burden is defined as paying more than 50 percent of one's income on rent. Our immediate aims are to give four families affordable, income based housing. 


The values of this project revolve around giving people a place to live in the community they are from. This housing will be environmentally sustainable and beautiful. Community land trusts have the potential to challenge the conventional housing market through emphasis on long-term affordable housing for lower-income families through equity sharing. All over the world, poor people live in houses. There is no reason poor people in the Inland Empire can't. We aim to give people who pay 30% or more of their income on housing, a safe and adequate place to live. The housing, held in trust, guarantees it will remain affordable and future generations will be able to grow and thrive in the community where they grew up.


The cost per square foot is assumed at $170 a square foot. This is $40 above the national average of $150/ft sq. The current economic instability has made some materials difficult and expensive. Three 1,100 square foot homes and one 2,200 square foot home is 5,500 square feet of homes for $935,000.  To service a 30 year $935,000 loan at 5%  the monthly payment would be $5,019.28. The price is also set to match the San Bernardino County Housing Authority’s MTW Payment Standards ($1,475 per month for a three bedroom and $2,017 per month for a five bedroom). The four homes would generate a revenue of $6,442 a month once fully occupied. 

Phase One: 

$170 a square foot

5,500 total square feet

$935,000 build out cost

30 year $935,000 loan at 5% monthly payment $5,019.28

Inland Equity Community Land Trust Revenue from section 8 qualified residents based on San Bernardino County Housing Authority’s MTW Payment Standards: $6,442 a month 

Three $1,475 per month three bedroom homes and one $2,017 per month five bedroom home. 

The first phase of the development will consist of the 1st four homes built on the Northernmost 5 acre section. The property for Plan Adelanto includes zoning for one dwelling unit by right and we can add three ADU’s by right. We are planning to build one 2200 square foot, five bedroom home and three 1100 square foot three bedroom “ADUs.”  The homes will all be made available to income qualified residents of San Bernardino County. We will work with the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino and City of Adelanto Council Member Stavona Evens to refer income qualified residents.  The second phase will be at least four more homes done in the same pattern. California’s SB 9 will permit us to split the 20 acre lot without any further entitlements. We will, however, be working to subdivide the property further if the county permits.

Community Land Trust

The residents will have the opportunity to own a home in the Land Trust. We will work with the San Bernardino County Housing Authority to use section 8 vouchers. Income qualified residents will be able to buy these homes with 30% of their income and the section 8 voucher. Inland Equity Community Land Trust will enter into a ‘rent to own’ agreement with the residents. Inland Equity Community Land Trust will retain ownership of land and the equity that comes from subsidies. The new homeowner will build equity based on what they contribute to the purchase. They will be able to pass on the home to their children. The homes will be constructed using rammed earth, which is inexpensive, ecologically responsible and long lived. Rammed earth structures over 500 years old are still in use today.  Inland Equity Community Land Trust is greatly inspired by the Burlington Community Land Trust, which was created from grassroots community organizers and Bernie Sanders, at the time, Burlington's mayor. The City of Burlington offered substantial municipal funds to jump-start what is now the most successful Community Land Trust in the nation. 

Picture 3

Community Land Trusts retain ownership of land, enabling them to serve their communities across decades. The “improvements” (aka whatever is on the land – often housing) is owned separately. A “ground lease” lays out the mutual responsibilities of the CLT and the owner of the improvements, legally ensuring that both will keep their commitment to permanent affordability for low-income people.

Parcel: APN: 310227109


Kelly Klieman


Land Value: 206,732 (2014 sale price) 

Acreage: 20.00


Zoning: RL-10

Zoning Desc: Rural Living-10 Acre Minimum

Jurisdiction: County Land Use Services office


Base Year: 2012

Assess Desc: VACANT LAND



Additional County Parcel Resources 



9595 Mojave Drive, Adelanto, California 92301




Environmental Justice Overlay

For unincorporated environmental justice focus areas, equitable levels of protection from environmental and health hazards; expanded opportunities for physical activity and meaningful civic engagement; and access to healthy food, public facilities, safe and sanitary housing.

ADCS City Sphere of Influence

The City of Adelanto has not adopted a Sphere Standards Overlay of Influence so “Sphere Standards Overlay shall only be applied to the city/town spheres of influence indicated in Table 82-23 (Sphere Standards Overlay) and shall be created upon adoption of an amendment to this Development Code in compliance with Chapter 86.12 (Amendments).  These standards apply only to the unincorporated portions of a city’s/town’s sphere of influence.”

Adelanto Regional Transportation Fee Area

Fee Schedule says Adelanto is $0.00 per square foot but we need to make sure:


The parcel ID is the County's classification system for divisions of buildable land. Parcels are more flexible for permitting processes than street addresses and also used to track assessed value for property taxes and title processes.

Parcel ID: 310227109