Inland Equity Community Land Trust is working to restore existing homes and apartments, making them more safe and environmentally friendly for future occupants-to-owners. In the City of Coachella, we are restoring a duplex to make two apartments habitable and get them up-to-code to rent out below market rate (70% of market).  Our work monitoring the implementation of the state’s Housing and Disability Advocacy Program opened up a new dialogue about HUD’s Rapid Rehousing model. HUD’s model discourages emergency shelters but with the ongoing housing shortage, there are not a lot of homes to rehouse into.  Restoration and preservation of existing affordable housing is critical as new construction can take years to complete. This project offers an opportunity to house two families if we can get the duplex up to code. Working with our partnering organisations we will renovate the building to make necessary repairs, improve energy efficiency, and generally make them look good. The units require extensive improvements, including repair or replacement of flooring, bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, windows, exhaust fans and the overall look of the property.