During the startup phase, the people the Inland Equity CLT plans to serve most are renters paying more than 30% of their income on housing, people using HUD housing vouchers and renters who will be able to lower their housing costs and become homeowners who are invested in our community. As we build out, we will acquire or build community assets like community gardens, civic and commercial spaces. As Inland Equity CLT builds homes and other community assets, we will grow in both assets and revenue. These resources will be leveraged to increase our capacity to include more people into the trust as homeowners.  Our hope is that many of the residents will journey through homelessness into emergency shelter, to transitional housing, to permanent supportive housing and into homeownership with the Inland Equity CLT. In partnership with Community-Based Organizations (CBO), as well as agencies and service providers currently working with California Partnership, our primary goal is to establish the Inland Equity CLT as an endpoint for a path out of homelessness. We will also use the resources to develop the skills of the community with our partnering CBOs, county agencies unions and service providers. Our longer-term goal is to actively collaborate with the nonprofit Open Building Institute to construct housing that is not only permanently affordable but also ecologically sustainable, and which uses energy, resources and a workforce harnessed and developed from within our own communities. Though this is our charitable goal, the need for affordable housing in the Inland Empire is an active and aching “crisis.” And though most of our housing will be for "housing-cost" burdened residents, 25% of the housing will be made available to any community member at large who would like to own a property in the trust. By having a mixed-income community of homeowners invested in their own community, held in trust, guarantees that housing will remain affordable and future generations can grow and thrive.

Inland Equity Community Land Trust will be developed as a system for flexible, ownable, affordable housing built for low-income residents in the Inland Valley. Inland Equity CLT is a nonprofit organization, with a board composed of representatives of the public, the local government, and the residents and members of the trust. We hope to work with our existing and growing network of grassroot and non-profit communities to foment this dream to its fullest fruition.

  • A community land trust for permanent, affordable housing.
  • A functioning emergency shelter system which will serve as a pipeline into supportive housing with social services and then later into affordable housing within the Inland Equity Community Land Trust.