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Candy Doss

Candy Doss has a B.A. in Liberal Arts, studied Spanish and Russian languages for 3 years at Univ. of Oklahoma. She was in banking in Oklahoma for 10 years and  supervisor at Census Bureau in Atlanta before moving to California in 1989. She retired from US Postal Service in 2013  with 22 years of service. She has been active in political campaigns since the 1980s as a recruiter of volunteers, event organizer and fundraiser. She was an  officer in  N.O.W on the local and state levels in Oklahoma. Candy was the newsletter editor at Penn Square Bank and also for the National Organization for Women. She is passionate about women's issues, anti- racism, and helping the homeless. She was elected in January 2023 to a 2 year term as Treasurer of the IECLT, Inland Equity Community Land Trust.