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Inland Equity Community Land Trust has joined Tenants Together as a member organization. We are working to build the tenants' rights movement in the Inland Empire.  Tenants Together fights for tenants' rights at the state level. We are working to build tenants' unions to help advance common policies that protect tenants the work in other communities and establish them here in the IE. 

Tenant Meeting in a Park

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Riverside Ontario San Bernardino


What does a tenants union do?

  • We can work together to insure a landlord fulfills the rental contract. 
  • We call code enforcement to ensure that the rental is kept up to code.
  • We help locate lawyers to sue landlords who fail to maintain habitable living conditions.
  • We go to city council meetings to fight for rent stabilization, stronger renter protections.
  • We get together and study NOLO's California Tenant's Rights
  • We support one another with tenant issues as they arise. 

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Tenants Union