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Gabriela Armenta, Vice President

Gabriela Armenta is of Mexican and Mexica/Indigenous descent. Gabriella is the Co-Founder of Danza Azteca Citlaltonac, a traditional Mexica group founded in the Coachella Valley in 2007, and Talking Circle Citlaltonac. The legacy and spirit of this group’s origins comes with the belief of Musica, Canto, y Danza…mantiene el cuerpo y el espíritu en armonía / Music, Song, and Dance keeps the body and spirit in harmony as a way of LIFE. A longtime resident in the Coachella Valley, growing up in a Mexican cultural household and a dedicated community builder has inspired Gabriella to establish an initiative that combines music and arts, religious roots, and community empowerment throughout the Coachella Valley. Her family history and connections to her roots are at the foundation of her work to empower others and incentivize them to participate in healing practices and community resilience through dance and traditional talking circles.Culturas Music & Arts, Coachella February 2015- Present Responsible for supervising / overseeing the work of the other officers and ensuring that they function together as an effective organization and adheres to all bylaws and duties set forth.Gabriella is liaison for the organization President at Alas Con Futuro, Palm Desert September 2020 and present of Alas Con Futuro is a student club at College of the Desert. Alas facilitates information on financial resources for undocumented students. Alas provides educational presentations throughout the Coachella Valley. Gabriella is Volunteer Field Advocate at American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and fighting for essential policy changes that will support suicide prevention and mental health at all levels of government.